We understand that to get the best out of creative people, they need to feel constantly inspired by their surroundings!

The Granary

Tickenham Court, Tickenham

The F2 studio is based at the old Granary & Saw Mill in Tickenham, near Bristol. Its historic features and rural location make it a highly conducive environment for creative thinking. We’re also only a few miles from the M5, so you can find us easily when you come to visit.

Many of our clients work in high pressure, competitive markets. Because of this they love to come here to get away from the hustle and bustle, where they can focus on the project in hand. Mind you, it also helps that a fresh pot of coffee is usually on the go, as is the BBQ, weather permitting.

We have various spaces at the studio that allow our team the option of working at a desk, all together around a table or outside on the patio.

Being able to choose where to situate yourself - in order to solve a particular problem or create a polemic design - is a real benefit. Syncing your work environment to your mindset is key to creative productivity.

At F2 we believe the working environment has a dramatic effect on creativity. That’s why we make sure our workspace is inspiring, light, airy and of course... fun!

Like all great ideas, lightbulbs are a key feature here too. We opted for a mix of vintage filaments to create a calming atmosphere and help induce those ‘Eureka!’ moments!

We're not quite skimming stones from the window but we are only a few minutes away from the infamous Clevedon Pier. Come and visit on a sunny day, if you're lucky, we may even take you out for a paddle.

Take some time out. Come and visit!

Our main workspace is on the top floor, boasting high beam ceilings and solid oak floors... la de dah... In all honesty, it's just a really nice and inspiring place to work and we would love for you to come and enjoy it with us. If you have a website or design-focused marketing project to plan, come and sit with us. Let us take the stress out of it all and get creative.