Friary Liqueurs


Friary Liqueurs established themselves in Somerset 16 years ago, to provide their customers with an exciting range of award-winning liqueurs.

Fluid2 were enlisted to produce Friary’s corporate marketing pack and price guide. Eye-catching design was of paramount importance, but equally so was the size. It needed to fit within the ‘small packet’ postage size category to ensure cost effective postal charges. We achieved this by implementing an outward folding A5 square pack.

Product photography had previously been costly, with a lot of retouching required before the final shot was approved. To solve this issue we created the liqueur bottles as 3D models, from texturing through to composing the bottles in a feature environment that relates to the product type. And once all the bottles were created, it made future products a breeze to visualise.

Friary Liqueurs - Brochure Cover

Individual Product Informational Inserts

Trios - 3D Visualisation

Logo Graphic Sketch Variations