VIVO Nutrition Brand Identity


Vivo Nutrition – provides sports professionals and enthusiasts with completely natural and organic nutritional products.

Vivo came to us to develop a new brand identity and a unique, user friendly online store, capable of providing sports professionals and enthusiasts with the very best in natural sports nutrition.

This presented something of a challenge as the first task was to design an iconic logo to spearhead the campaign, but what separates Vivo from the rest of the Sports Nutrition field, is a seeming contradiction. Vivo’s USP is that their products are natural and organic – a bonus that might not be immediately apparent to hardcore athletes and extreme sports competitors. So we came up with an image that was both sporty and inspiring, while simultaneously evoking the natural, organic aspect of Vivo’s products.

The Weapons of choice

Font Exploration


Infographics and charts born from the logo

A organic direction not taken but explored

A touch of photography